Nov 2

A plea from NJ…

There is still so much devastation here in my home state that I feel the need today to reach out to my readers.  I’m not sure how much you are still seeing or hearing about if you don’t live in the area, but there are still a LOT of people without power, and the gas shortage is becoming a big issue.  People are waiting for hours to fill up their tanks or gas cans, and unfortunately it’s causing crime as well.

Looting, siphoning gas, home break-ins…even stealing right out of peoples’ hands in grocery stores (since only some are open, and most are short on emergency supplies/perishables)…all are happening more and more.  Safety is definitely a concern in many places.  The National Guard has been called in to certain shore areas, and one of them told a friend of mine that this is 10 times worse than what was happening after Hurricane Katrina.  They, along with local authorities, are barricading certain neighborhoods and checking IDs before allowing people in.
This is the shorepoint that we spend much of our time at – our beach house is right off this island and fortunately for us, is still intact (damaged, but standing!).  The island is completely devastated.
This is a picture of the hot tub that landed in our front yard (and where are our front steps?)…feel free to laugh at this one 🙂
The town of Hoboken, where I lived for 10 years (and where I met my husband!) is underwater…
                                                                (photo from New York Times)

This sight has become a regular occurrence around here – line for gas – waiting 3+ hours isn’t uncommon:
                                                                                          (photo from Ledger)

The boardwalk that I grew up on, and that my daughter has grown to love…countless memories…
and nearby…
My favorite city in the world, under devastation, AGAIN…we know we can rebuild as we have done it before!  This is a shot of my husband’s building, very close to Ground Zero, with a completely flooded concourse level.  Many offices in Lower Manhattan aren’t expected to reopen for a few months.  His building is hoping to resume business in a couple of weeks.
Please take the time to watch NBC (or any of its affiliates) tonight, as they are airing a commercial-free one hour telethon to raise money for those who have lost their homes, possessions…even their lives.  Please watch, listen, and perhaps donate if you are able.  Every dollar counts!  The Salvation Army website also has information on how you can help.
Thanks for reading, and please spread the word!
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5 Responses to A plea from NJ…

  1. katie says:

    You and your home state, along with all those affected, are in my thoughts during this time.

  2. branny says:

    Thinking of all of you.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I’m sorry you are going through this, but know that NJ will rebuild even bigger and better. The TV show was great!

  4. Louise Cook says:

    I’m a Jersey girl although I haven’t lived on the East Coast for over 30 years my brother and sister and my brother’s family live in south Jersey. It was very scary and my heart goes out to the people who lost so much. But one thing we have to remember, Jersey people are tough and will rebuild but when you’re 60 years old and you want to go home and you don’t a home any longer, it is heartbreaking.

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