Sep 10

Always remember

I remember exactly what I was wearing.  A sleeveless pink knit shirt, gray pants, gray wedge sandals.

I remember the commute into work.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day.  Perfect September weather.

I remember getting the phone call minutes after it started.  And trying to continue to conduct business, not realizing just yet exactly what was happening.

I remember fighting my way out of the city, and eventually back to my place in Hoboken, right across from the river…right across from the devastation that was unfolding.

I remember the people coming off the ferries that night who were covered in white dust, and helping them find their way to buses so they could eventually get home to their loved ones.

I remember the people who I knew and others who were lost in the buildings that I spent so much time in…in the buildings that I was scheduled to be at for a meeting at 8am on September 12th.

I remember every.single.minute. of that day.

Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of when our lives changed.  And I will always remember.

Spend tomorrow doing something happy.  Never let them get you down.

(photo from History. com)

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4 Responses to Always remember

  1. I was so very far away but I remember that day just as clearly. My thoughts are with you and everyone else who was there on that terrible day xxx

  2. Maris says:

    I didn’t live in Hoboken yet but I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live so close. Incredible post!

  3. Kimby says:

    It may have been ten years ago, but your post brought me closer to “The Day.” Powerful. Amazing. Thank you.

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