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Nov 9

Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, because around here, it barely existed!  Bella’s school finally had their Halloween parade 2 days ago.  Trick or treating was postponed over a week, then turned out to be a big dud.  A … Continue reading

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Mar 6

Oven Baked Pork Stew

I often speak of my love for Le Creuset here.  There’s no hiding it…the pieces I have make life so much easier. I love dishes that go from stovetop to oven to table.  One pot to wash – I’ll take … Continue reading

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Dec 6

Takeout? Nope.

We’re still on the hunt for a good Chinese takeout place.  In this area, good food is usually not hard to find, but for some reason none of them are “doing it” for us lately.  They’re good, but not great. … Continue reading

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Apr 8

Changing it up

The warmer weather affects my “food mood”.  I want to eat lighter.  I want to try new things.  I want to get out of the winter food rut.  (what I REALLY want right now is for the true spring weather … Continue reading

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Mar 6

Feta makes everything betta

I’m a BIG fan of feta cheese.  I know it totally grosses some people out, and boy do I feel sorry for those people.  Come to the other side – you have no idea what you’re missing! I threw this … Continue reading

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Feb 19

Crunch, crunch

I LOVE fresh, raw green beans.  Love the taste, the texture, the look of them…everything.  Definitely one of my favorite veggies. I had some leftover toasted pecans, along with green beans that I bought for my tempura, so I came … Continue reading

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Feb 14

Daring Cooks: Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Part of the reason I started this blog two months ago was to push myself out of my comfort zone by preparing dishes I wouldn’t normally even consider.  That’s the main reason I joined Daring Cooks, and this month was … Continue reading

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Dec 28

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

This one was a biggie!  Not sure what the official total is out there, but it’s definitely around 2 feet.  And the wind is out of control!  Crazy.  Even though Bella talked a lot about going out to play in … Continue reading

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