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Jan 20

Instant Pot Beef Stew

Yep, another recipe using my IP! I can’t help it – it’s just too easy. Biscuit recipe coming soon! And yes, those were made in the oven ūüėČ Instant Pot Beef Stew adapted from Imperfectly Happy 2 pounds stew meat … Continue reading

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Dec 17

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

This is one of those “let me clear out the fridge and see what I can scrounge up” kinds of dishes. We’ve all been there. And your mind changes 100 times while going through what you have. You think you’re … Continue reading

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Jan 27

Chicken Chili with Black Beans & Corn

There’s something about an easy meal that keeps on giving. A dish that is practically effortless and makes enough to feed you for quite some time (hooray for freezer meals!). And did I mention that it’s a one pot meal? … Continue reading

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Feb 20

Love Loaf (aka Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Meatloaf)

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know Valentine’s Day was last week. And here’s what we had for dinner. A Love Loaf! See what I mean? Don’t limit this dish to once a year. Share the love on birthdays, anniversaries, Thursdays…a real meatloaf … Continue reading

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Nov 9

Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, because around here, it barely existed! ¬†Bella’s school finally had their Halloween parade 2 days ago. ¬†Trick or treating was postponed over a week, then turned out to be a big dud. ¬†A … Continue reading

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Apr 26

Chicken Pasta Pesto Bake

I had a bit of a challenging day earlier this week. ¬†To sum it up quickly… Got ready for work. ¬†Bella got sick. ¬†All over the house. ¬†Plopped her in the bath. ¬†Cleaned it all up…rug, floor, clothes…you get my … Continue reading

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Apr 20

Fried Onion Mac & Cheese

Our recipe swap them this time around was your favorite celebrity recipe. ¬†When I received Alton Brown’s Mac & Cheese from Does Not Cook Well With Others, I knew right away I’d be making a few adaptations. ¬†After all, I … Continue reading

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Apr 12

Scalloped Ham and Potato Bake

This week has pretty much been all about Easter leftovers. ¬†The other night, we had stuffed shells and meatballs. ¬†Another night was eggplant parm. ¬†For lunch, I’ve been eating egg salad (or straight up hard boiled eggs). ¬†I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Jan 18

Leftover Crack Dip Mac-n-Cheese

So, remember that crack dip¬†I posted¬†last week? ¬†You know…everyone’s favorite dip…the one that disappears in a flash…the one you always have to triple the recipe for? Well, something strange happened on New Year’s Eve. ¬†I found myself, with last minute … Continue reading

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Feb 18

So what if it isn’t pretty?

When I noticed I had some extra stuffing from the braciole I made the other day, I started thinking of a way to use it up. ¬†Remember, waste not, want not! ¬†Originally, I was going to use the portobello mushrooms … Continue reading

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