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Jan 12

Baked Eggs with Cheddar & Potatoes

I love dishes that can be served any time of day.  I think Rachael Ray has some sort of term for them, but no need to go there.  You get what I’m saying. How much easier could this possibly be? … Continue reading

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Jan 7

Cuban Chicken Soup (Sopa de Pollo)

It’s Crazy Cooking Challenge time again!  This month, the “topic” was well suited for this time of year – chicken soup.  Perfect! I had a bunch of ideas floating around my head, until this came along… Yum.  Seriously…YUM. This soup … Continue reading

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Dec 20

Comfort – in leftover form

How many of you eat beef for the holidays?  I know a lot of people who do…it’s a pretty popular tradition.  Chances are, though, you always end up with some leftover…and what a sin it would be to throw it … Continue reading

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Dec 9

Working out the kinks

I’m trying to get into a routine now that I’m in the office two days a week.  My goal is to do one make-ahead meal, and maybe one crockpot meal, for those nights.  So far, it hasn’t worked out as … Continue reading

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Dec 5

Veggin’ out (Secret Recipe Club)

Every month I get more and more excited about the Secret Recipe Club.  I impatiently wait for my blog assignment, then hurry over to see all the fun recipes I have to choose from.  Kinda like a foodie version of … Continue reading

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Nov 2

A homemade trip down memory lane

Not all foods that bring me back to my childhood were homemade, or even from my ethnic background.  Certain ones, which could be considered my mom’s “cheater” meals, hold memories that are just as fond.  Occasionally, there were nights that … Continue reading

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Oct 13

One potato, two potato

If I took a poll and asked about favorite side dishes in the fall/winter, what percentage do you think would include potatoes?  They’re very popular this time of year.  So, it’s good to come up with lots of different ways … Continue reading

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Sep 30

Potato lovers, unite!

I know I’m not the only out there who enjoys a kick-ass home fries recipe.  Do you?  You have to agree – great potatoes are one of the key components of a successful breakfast. Well, I know there’s at least … Continue reading

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Sep 1

Potato Egg Salad

Potato salad is a beautiful thing.  Earlier this summer, I wrote about my Mom’s delicious mayo-free recipe.  Well now it’s time to share with you the best mayo-laden recipe!  I thought this would be a good thing to share now … Continue reading

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Aug 22

Blame it on the rain

We had a few days recently that were much cooler than usual.  Lots of rain, too.  Even though it’s August, the weather was just screaming for comfort food.  So, off I went to find a new recipe to try. Katie … Continue reading

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