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Oct 25

Pumpkin Granola

…and so begins The Great Pumpkin Dilemma. You cook or bake something with pumpkin and end up with leftover pumpkin.  What to make…what to make? I think you’ll be seeing a lot of “pumpkin dilemma” posts here in the next … Continue reading

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Oct 17

Quick Pumpkin Soup

I love soup.  Especially when I’m under the weather.  And for the past few years (coincidentally, since Bella started school) my first cold of the season has been right around this time.  It’s a great reason to try out new … Continue reading

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Oct 12

Baked Pumpkin Donut Holes (What’s Baking?)

Pumpkin stuff.  Awesome. And somewhat “healthified”.  Even better! By the way, I doubled the original recipe…and got 72 of these bad boys.  Needless to say, there were a lot of happy coworkers in 2 different offices. Eva from Eva Bakes … Continue reading

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Sep 18

Three Bean Vegetarian Chili in the Crockpot

Remember those cute little honey cornbread mini muffins I showed you last week?  Well, they’re back, alongside the main dish that I served them with.  Unfortunately, I only got one picture, but I think we all know what chili looks … Continue reading

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Sep 7

Easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread (What’s Baking?)

Yeah, I went there…in early September!  I couldn’t help it. I wanted to bake something with Bella that I could pack as a little treat in her lunchbox, and this seemed perfect.  Actually, it WAS perfect.  She couldn’t get enough … Continue reading

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Nov 1

More pumpkin…help!

I went a little overboard last month with the canned pumpkin purchases.  Between all the talk about a shortage, along with vague memories of its lack of availability last year, I figured why not?  It’s not like it goes bad. … Continue reading

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Oct 31

5 Minute Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

If you live in certain areas of the Northeast, remember where you were this past weekend.  Sooner or later, people are bound to ask where you were during the blizzard/Nor’easter/absolute craziness of Halloween Weekend 2011.  Unbelievable! Snow blowers, hats, generators, … Continue reading

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Oct 27

More bundting! (What’s Baking?)

I know, I know, but I couldn’t resist!  It’s just too good. I brought this to a Halloween party last weekend along with my candy corn cookie bark.  The party was a hit – great fun for the kids, and … Continue reading

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Oct 17

Your new go-to cookie this fall

What do you do when you have leftover pumpkin from white chocolate pumpkin blondies?  You make cookies, of course!  I’m a huge fan of butterscotch so I had to sub them in for the basic chocolate chips that the original … Continue reading

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Oct 7

Where is pumpkin, where is pumpkin…here I am!

Recognize that line?  If you have a 3 year old in preschool right now, you’ve probably been hearing it repeatedly for the past week.  Bella’s been belting it out over and over…well, at least the parts that she knows. It’s … Continue reading

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