Jun 7

Last Day of School!

No recipe today – just me being a proud momma.  Bella’s last day of school is today!  They weren’t kidding when they said how fast it all goes…
I still can’t believe how big she’s gotten over the past year.
Before I know it, it’ll be September, she’ll be turning 4, and she’ll be going to school full time!  Whoa.
Her end-of-the-year concert was earlier this week and it was tough to hold the tears back, for sure.  It’s amazing how much she’s learned since September…including the Pledge of Allegiance! (this photo was from a few months ago)
And deciding which “person in your neighborhood” to dress up as was easy…she followed in RaRa’s footsteps and chose to be a teacher.
There were so many fun moments…I could keep going, but instead, we’ll forge ahead and work on having a great summer 🙂  
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6 Responses to Last Day of School!

  1. katherine says:

    Great blog entry Mel! Our babies are growing up so fast. Hope you guys have a fabulous summer!

  2. Jaida says:

    She’s so cute!!

  3. kecarr says:

    she is adorable…& that hair??? To die for! Perhaps one day she will dress as a chef

  4. Pam says:

    Very sweet post. It’s so true that they grow up way too fast!

  5. Oh Mel, she has the cutest curly q’s ever!! She’s absolutely adorable!!

  6. She is so beautiful! 😀 Time does go so quickly…

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