Oct 2

Angry Birds Cupcakes

My adorable nephew turned 6 this weekend!  When my sister-in-law asked him what theme he wanted for his party, his answer was his current obsession – Angry Birds.

An obsession I know NOTHING about.

So, when Isabel asked me to make Angry Birds cupcakes (yellow ones only, as per her request) I had some research to do.  Luckily, I came across this blog post that helped me out a bit.  I made a few adaptations, and was pretty happy with the result!

I used my standard yellow cake recipe, colored my buttercream frosting yellow (topped with some yellow sparkly sugar), and used the following for the faces:

Twizzlers black licorice nibs:  I cut them in 3’s, lengthwise, and used 2 pieces for the eyebrows, and one for the top of the head

Mini marshmallows:  I cut them in half and used them for the base of the eyes

Mini chocolate chips:  went on top of the marshmallows

Orange slices:  I cut them into small triangular pieces for the beaks

A bit time consuming, but totally worth it!  They were a big hit.

Happy birthday Petey!!

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  1. haha, I love Angry birds!!! They are stupid birds that make noises when you shoot them in the air, the game is madly addicting. But what a great aunt you are for making these!!!!

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