Sep 25

Bella’s Birthday Cake

We had Bella’s family birthday party over the weekend, and of course, I baked her cake.  Even though there’s nothing spectacular about it, ingredient wise, I had to devote a post to it.


I did this.  I carved that 4, FREEHAND.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know this is a big deal for me.  I refused to spend the money on a #4 cake pan, only to use it once, so I crossed my fingers and went for it.  Not bad, eh?

AND, I did a crumb coat for the first time ever!  Yeah, I know, I’m late to the party.  It definitely made a difference.  Still not perfect, but better than usual.  I know this is amateur stuff to some, but not for this novice baker!

Of course, I had to include Bella’s favorite color in there somehow…hence, the purple.  My nieces actually were planning on decorating the cake but we ran out of time.  It’s too bad – it would have made it even better 🙂

Still can’t believe my baby is 4!  Time really DOES go by fast…

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