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Dec 31

Eggs Benedict Made Easy

Lots of eating, drinking and being merry is happening lately, especially tonight, which is why most people love a breakfast on New Year’s Day that will “soak up” the festivities from the night before. But, at the same time, you … Continue reading

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Nov 25

Pumpkin Pie with Southern Comfort Whipped Cream

The big day is almost here! I thought I’d throw in one more recipe for you to consider putting on your menu. It’s a great way to jazz up an ordinary Thanksgiving day dessert. This pie takes no time at … Continue reading

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Mar 5

Simple Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Homemade salad dressing is just too easy. There’s really no reason to go with store bought. I’m always on the hunt for good recipes, and this one caught my eye since I had a few grapefruits I needed to use. … Continue reading

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Dec 6

Homemade Dulce de Leche

So, remember my apple pie that I posted earlier this week? Well, this is the goodness that rests inside. And it didn’t come out of a jar. I was always skeptical about making this in the crockpot or stovetop, for … Continue reading

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Jul 8

Homemade Strawberry Syrup (Secret Recipe Club)

What a fantastic holiday weekend it was! Hope you enjoyed yours just as much. The weather was wonderful (HOT, but wonderful) and we had some great fun at our shore house. I’m still here, enjoying every last minute of this … Continue reading

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May 13

Whole30 Mayo

Today is day 13 of Whole30. Incase you’re wondering, I’m still here 😉 What’s this, you ask? Why, it’s mayonnaise. Whole30 compliant mayonnaise. And it tasted great in my coleslaw yesterday. I may never go back to the real thing … Continue reading

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Apr 3

Horseradish Crusted Beef Tenderloin

If a dish can still be great, even after a few mistakes, I can only imagine how amazing it would be if it were prepared without any flaws. I made this beef tenderloin on Easter, Part 1 (Saturday). Problem #1 … Continue reading

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Mar 8

Homemade Salsa

TGIF! And what better way to celebrate than your own happy hour at home! Crack open a few beers and enjoy this salsa with chips. It’s the most delicious salsa I’ve ever had, and you won’t believe how easy it … Continue reading

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Oct 1

A Tribute to Daniel Saraga

As I’ve mentioned before, the food blogging community is a pretty tight knit one.  Although many of us have never met in person, we still have a special bond based on common interests and passions that revolve around cooking, baking, … Continue reading

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Sep 27

Blackened Tilapia Sandwiches with Avocado Spread

What new shows have you watched this season so far?  Anything you really love?  Hate? I have a bunch that I’m looking forward to…but, I can’t even begin to contain my excitement about the Dancing With The Stars All-Stars season … Continue reading

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