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Feb 11

Steak Fajitas

So let’s see…yesterday was Chinese New Year…tomorrow is Fat Tuesday…and here I am, talking about Mexican food. Something isn’t quite right. Uh, wrong. This was DEFINITELY right! Everyone loved this dish (including my carnivorous nieces, who were staying with us … Continue reading

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Sep 24

Stuffed Long Peppers

Several months ago, I asked my Aunt Joan for some of her recipes since I knew she had a lot of them written down.  She handed over a recipe box that was amazing, with papers that were turning yellow and … Continue reading

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Sep 18

Three Bean Vegetarian Chili in the Crockpot

Remember those cute little honey cornbread mini muffins I showed you last week?  Well, they’re back, alongside the main dish that I served them with.  Unfortunately, I only got one picture, but I think we all know what chili looks … Continue reading

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Apr 30

Chicken with Olives

Mmmm…olives.  I really have very little control around them.  They’re just one of many reasons why I love this dish.   The other reasons?  Well, it’s… Easy. Cheap. One pot. Italian 🙂 Make ahead. Delicious! As you can see, I … Continue reading

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Feb 20

Crockpot Sausage, Peppers & Onions

It’s crockpot time again!  Can’t get enough of these easy dishes that make my life on office days a lot more simple. I’ve made this several times before and although it goes against all things crockpotting, I have to say…don’t … Continue reading

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Nov 16

Beans, beans, good for your heart

I love beans.  Frank doesn’t love beans. I miss beans. I was happy to receive my assigned recipe for our latest swap, which was a one-pot meal theme.  Turkey black bean chili, you say?  Yes, please! I cooked it up … Continue reading

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Sep 30

Potato lovers, unite!

I know I’m not the only out there who enjoys a kick-ass home fries recipe.  Do you?  You have to agree – great potatoes are one of the key components of a successful breakfast. Well, I know there’s at least … Continue reading

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Jun 21

Boardwalk grub

Google this:  sausage & peppers recipe. How many different ones popped up? That’s the beauty of this dish – there are SO many different ways you can make it, and they’re all great.  You can change it up year round, … Continue reading

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Mar 25

Have it your way

I’m a big fan of the omelette (or is it omelet?  Hmmm…I like the feminine spelling better)…what’s better than having a pocket of whatever-combo-of-cheese-meat-and-veggies-you-want for breakfast?  Not to mention, it’s super easy and takes about 5 minutes to make.  Score! … Continue reading

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