Apr 19

Corset Cake

My sister-in-law’s bachelorette party was this past weekend.  When my husband’s aunt, who coordinated the party, asked me to bake the cake, my mind started racing.  And my fingers started googling.

I saw this, and became inspired to make this:
Va va VOOM!
I borrowed cake bowls from my friend Rebecca (local peeps, check out her cake business…she does great work!)  
I decided to make a two-layer cake so I could fill it with something pink, and also so we could have more cake, because of course I was paranoid that there wouldn’t be enough, as usual.  
And, as usual, there was MORE than enough.  So, the bachelorette got to take the boobs home to her fiance.
I used my favorite yellow cake recipe…yum.   Oh and by the way, it’s 3 batches worth.  One for each layer, and one divided in half for the boobs.
Then, I made this icing recipe for the outside, and on the inside, I actually had some icing in the freezer from my very strawberry cupcakes that I pulled out, and added a layer of chopped fresh strawberries.
Icing the cake where I carved it wasn’t easy…honestly, it wasn’t easy icing it anywhere, probably because I put it on that tray beforehand.  I strongly advise using a flat board or platter without “walls” so you don’t run into the same problem.
I also had to use skewers in various places to hold the boobies up and together…because, you know, nobody likes saggy boobs.
It definitely could have looked better, but it tasted delicious!
Oh and incase you’re wondering what we did for the party…we took a Viking cooking class.  And, we made this.  Which was also delicious.
Homemade hibachi!  SO good.
Maybe one of these days I’ll try using fondant…
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  1. I think you did a great job! It looks good!

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