Mar 4

Dirty Jerz

Well, how else would you introduce this?

That’s right…it’s the famous Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese sandwich (or pork roll – whichever you prefer).  For all of you out-of-staters – you can get this off of any exit.  24 hours a day.

Go ahead and mock us…the bad press we get from Sopranos, Real Housewives, Jersey Shore (love all 3 shows, by the way)…TV certainly doesn’t do us justice.  But we can handle it.  We’re thick skinned.  We know the truth.

It’s all in the food.  We RULE when it comes to food.  If you’ve been here, you know that.

Because I feel sorry for you, I’ll provide you with the link to buy your own taylor ham.  Order it and make this ASAP.  Then let me know when you’re coming to visit.

I prefer having this on a bagel (something else we do best here in NJ!) but I didn’t have any in the house.  Doesn’t matter what it’s on – it hits the spot every time.

The “Dirty Jerz” (a.k.a. Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese)

2 slices thin taylor ham (or one thick)

2 slices american cheese
1 egg
1 bagel, hard roll, or whatever bread you like
1 tablespoon butter
salt, pepper and ketchup (optional)

(truth is, you can put as much of any of these ingredients as you want…some people prefer lots of taylor ham, more cheese, etc.)

Put butter in a skillet over medium heat.  Make 4 small cuts in each slice of taylor ham and put in skillet.  Fry on both sides until brown.

At the same time, on the other side of the skillet, crack the egg and cook one side.  Flip it onto the taylor ham (stack slices up if cooking more than one) and place cheese on top.  Cook until cheese is melted.

Remove your taylor ham/egg/cheese stack and place on plated sliced bread.  Add salt, pepper and ketchup if you like.  Close sandwich and eat immediately!

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3 Responses to Dirty Jerz

  1. Lishie says:

    I have never had Taylor ham! FL girl still.

  2. Great, now I need to buy some pork roll and make this. 😉

  3. This looks like the perfect breakfast! Thanks so much for linking up to my breakfast blog hop! Pinned 🙂

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