Just Can’t Get Enough

Trader Joe’s MUST HAVE Frozen Items
grilled marinated eggplant and zucchini
potato pancakes
artichoke hearts
stir fry veggies
seafood (salmon, shrimp, langostino, mahi mahi)
mini chicken tacos (another Bella fave)
lemongrass chicken stix (great with their gyoza sauce for dipping)
chicken cilantro wontons
mandarin orange chicken (perfect for the lazy cooking day!)
buffalo ground steak burgers
chicken chile lime burgers
turkey burgers
mango chunks
pomegranate seeds
mini ice cream cones

Trader Joe’s MUST HAVE Non-frozen Items
coconut oil
cereals (cheap!!)
chicken sausages – especially the andouille
reduced carb whole wheat tortillas
plantain chips
tortilla chips
dried chili mango slices
cuban style black beans
“everything” crackers
almond butter
low sugar strawberry preserves (apricot is good, too)
Israeli couscous
gyoza sauce
cheese (various kinds – much cheaper than anywhere else!)
Candy Cane Green Tea (seasonal)
greek yogurt (0% fat)
Schoolhouse cookies
peanut butter filled pretzels
mini peanut butter cups
chocolate covered dried fruits

Love, Love, LOVE!!!…

My Cuisinart Gridller
My Kitchen Aid Mixer (in nickel pearl)
My Cuisinart Crockpot (an older model, but still works like a charm!)
My Keurig
My Le Creuset cookware (several pieces – all in discontinued Cobalt Blue!)