Feb 27

Mini Croques Monsieur

Well, by now we know which picture took home the Academy Award.  I have no idea if this dish accurately represents the winning film, but I didn’t want to stay up until the end of the show and then write my post 🙂

If you read my blog post yesterday you got a recap of all of the dishes I made for my 24×24 party.  The first recipe I’m sharing is what I made to represent the film “Midnight in Paris”.  This delicious sandwich is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and is very easy to make.  I’m wishing I had one right about now, as I sit here and watch Billy Crystal kick off the show…

Stay tuned for more of my party recipes in the next few weeks.  Hope your favorites took home Oscars last night!

Mini Croques Monsieur
slightly adapted from Kitchen Illiterate

12 thin slices cut from French baguette
fontina cheese (use whatever cheese you like, but I HIGHLY recommend fontina)
dijon mustard
3 eggs
salt and pepper

Beat eggs in a bowl and add salt and pepper.  Set aside.

Assemble sandwiches by spreading mustard on each side of bread, then add cheese and ham.  Melt butter in a skillet.  Generously immerse sandwiches in egg and place in skillet.  Cook for about 5 minutes on each side, until cheese is melted.  Serve immediately.

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4 Responses to Mini Croques Monsieur

  1. Summer says:

    Oh my goodness…. delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Katerina says:

    Croques Monsieur and Croques Madame are the best and most powerful way to start your day!

  3. Joanne says:

    What fun little slider sandwiches!

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