Jun 7

Need a new summer drink?

Look no further, my friends…here it is.  Refreshing, tasty and easy to make…everything a summer cocktail should be.

Introducing – the Walter 45.  Named after this past weekend’s yard sale location.  Courtesy of my friend Larry.  And please, don’t wait until 5PM to have it – we most certainly didn’t.

Walter 45

3 parts tonic water
one ripe nectarine

Muddle some of the nectarine in the bottom of a shaker.  Add the St. Germain, tonic and ice. Gently shake or stir.

Strain and pour over more ice.  Best enjoyed outdoors.
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2 Responses to Need a new summer drink?

  1. cloriosso says:

    Delicious! Completely brilliant on a hot summer day over a lot of ice.

  2. Kimberly says:

    This looks really nice and refreshing! Perfect for the impending summer. and I love how beautiful the nectarine looks at the bottom!

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