Mar 9

Pretty in mint green

This was the third time I ever made chocolate covered strawberries, but the first for a special occasion – a friend’s baby shower. ┬áHer baby girl’s nursery is decorated in lavender and mint green, so I thought incorporating those colors into the favors would be a nice idea.

I used white chocolate and colored it mint green, then used different toppings – mini chocolate chips, coconut and toffee chips.
Tied them up in lavender bags fastened by ribbon and a diaper pin, and there they were – delicious and pretty favors!
Can’t wait to meet Baby Bianca, who I know will be even sweeter than these strawberries!
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One Response to Pretty in mint green

  1. Reeni says:

    I never saw such delicious coatings for them before! I love your presentation – so cute! Bet they were a hit.

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